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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting provides a backup light source should the mains power fail. These are fitted and tested in accordance with BS5266 Part 1, 2011. We can incorporate the required annual testing of these lights with a Fire Alarm Service. A Certificate of Maintenance will be issued on completion.


Maintained Emergency Lights

These are always illuminated and are usually combined with Exit Legends on the escape route out of the premises. They will switch to the internal backup battery in a power fail situation. Most manufacturers state that these lights will stay operational for 3 hours after the power failure.


Non-Maintained Emergency Lights

These lights will illuminate immediately when there is power failure. They will stay operational for 3 hours normally as manufactured. They will switch off when normal power is restored. 


Twin Spot Non-Maintained Emergency Lights

These lights are Non-Maintained as above and are normally fitted in large open areas. These are also useful in illuminating plant, machinery and processes, that may be dangerous in the event of a power failure. Most manufacturers give an operational life of 3 hours after the power failure.


All Emergency Lights are fitted with a neon ‘Mains Power On’ light to indicate satisfactory charging.