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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems are the first line of defence in the protection of life and property in a Fire. The quicker the response, the earlier the evacuation and a higher chance of using the installed Fire Extinguishers to extinguisher the fire in the earliest stages.


Fire Alarm Installation

We can design a Fire Alarm System cost effectively to protect your property. A correctly designed and installed Fire Alarm System will enhance your safety and minimise the risk of annoying ‘False Alarms’.

The design criteria will take into consideration:

  • Type and Size of Premises
  • Risk
  • Location of Manual Call Points, Detectors, Sounders and Control Panel
  • Radio Operated, Conventional or Addressable Systems
  • Local Fire Regulations


Fire Alarm Service

All of our qualified, dedicated and courteous team of Fire Alarm Engineers are there to service your Fire Alarm System with the minimum of fuss and by appointment if required. Complete service packages are available to incorporate all of your Fire Maintenance requirements, which can include the mandatory weekly testing of the Fire Alarm System, monthly Emergency Lighting tests etc. to ensure full compliance with the Fire Regulations.


Fire Alarm Emergency Call Outs

Our customers enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind that they can obtain service and repairs at any time day or night, 365 days a year. Classic Fire Limited prides itself on having the expert ability to repair your system and restore peace of mind.